Review THERION ‘Leviathan II’

Therion have undoubtedly delivered some great albums, if you think of longplayers like ‘Vovin’ and the outstanding ‘Theli’. However, these times are long gone and what the band wants to show with their new album ‘Leviathan II’ remains their secret. In any case, it is noticeable that the latest output cannot keep up with the inspiring early works of Therion.

This may also be due to the fact that symphonic metal gained importance over the last years and many up-and-coming bands celebrated great successes. Groups like Nighwish and Epica lead the genre in the meantime and set the standards. Therion falls behind these bands and the new album won’t change this either.

‘Leviathan II’ is surprisingly powerless and uninspired. This is revealed for example in songs like ‘Lunar Coloured Fields’. With a lot of fantasy, one can grant the song an emotional depth. Nevertheless, the track goes on and on and a lot of it seems to be off the shelve. ‘Hades and Elysium’ is another track that really can’t draw anyone from the woodwork. One is already glad when the very fatiguing tempo increases with ‘Midnight Star’. Again, it’s not the great and creative moments that fascinate, but the song at least has a wake-up effect before it becomes very standardized and pop-like with ‘Cavern Cold as Ice’.

With their latest output, Therion manage in no way can to connect to the glorious past times. The album lacks sparkling ideas, unexpected twists and turns, and most of all it lacks vigor. So the album runs 53 minutes and what remains is the desire to spoil the eardrums with the sounds of ‘Theli’ especially because of the recent re-release of the classics by Hammerheart Records.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. Aeon of Maat
  2. Litany of the Fallen
  3. Alchemy of the Soul
  4. Lunar Coloured Fields
  5. Lucifuge Rofocale
  6. Marijin Min Nar
  7. Hades and Elysium
  8. Midnight Star
  9. Cavern Cold as Ice
  10. Codex Gigas
  11. Pazuzu
  12. Aeon of Maat (Alternative Vocals Version)
  13. Pazuzu (AOR Version

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: October 28th, 2022



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