Review SLAUGHTERDAY ‘Tyrants of Doom’

If you talk about death metal from Germany, then you can’t get around Slaughterday. The duo from Leer, Lower Saxony started 12 years ago and followed up their debut album with two more records. With their third album ‘Ancient Death Triumph’ Jens Finger and Bernd Reiners climbed up to the leading ranks of German extreme metal and now they try to expand this position with their fourth longplayer.

‘Tyrants of Doom’ is the title of the new album, which will be released at the end of September and will feature ten new songs. Musically you guys don’t change too much. What comes out of the speakers is brute death metal in the old style. Something else was not to be expected and that’s good.

However, Slaughterday manage to further refine and develop their sound on their latest album. Songs like ‘Pestilent Tomb’ and ‘Necromantic Visions’ show the band in top shape. The duo pounds their way through each song with musical excellence and brutality. Finger and Reiners know how to start a riff inferno. Nevertheless, melodic leads are also applied, which gives the overall effort an appealing variety.

However, Slaughterday do not only push the pedal to the metal. Cleverly interwoven tempo changes make the album interesting and captivate the listener. At no second one is tempted to press the skip button. Rather, it is the repeat button that one pushes, as one would like to listen to songs and album one more time.

‘Tyrants of Doom’ has the power of a steam hammer that hits you for 45 minutes. Here it is the little twists and turns that give the album a versatility. The North German riff grinders do not need to fear the international competition with this album and make another step towards the death metal Champions League.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Intro   
  2. Mauled          
  3. Coffined Saviour        
  4. Necromantic Visions 
  5. Grave Nihilist 
  6. Pestilent Tombs         
  7. Tyrants of Doom
  8. Drown in Filth            
  9. Parasitic         
  10. Predator        

Label: September 23rd, 2022

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: F.D.A. Records




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