Review DEAD CITY RUINS ‘Shockwave’

Not only because of AC/DC Australia is known for its vibrant rock and metal scene. One of the bands from Down Under are Dead City Ruins, who set a first exclamation mark with ‘Midnight Killer’ in 2012.

Ten years later, the five Australians delight the rock community with their fourth longplayer ‘Shockwave’ and once again focus on thunderous hard rock without frills. Besides the well-known passion for handmade rock, the Australians also have something new to report. With Steve Welsh the guys have a new singer on board, who fits very well to the sound of Dead City Ruins with his strong, raw voice.

On their new album Dead City Ruins prefer crisp and short songs. Just ‘Drifter’, with its bluesy basic design, manages to break through the four minute mark. The other songs are rockers that are stripped down to the core. The start is made by ‘Preacher’ and the ‘Hey’-shouts at the beginning are more than just motivation searching for an outlet. The song is a stellar start to the album and the following ‘Vision’ also roars mightily from the speakers.

‘Speed Machine’, who is surprised, is one of the faster tracks on the album and shines with a massive opening. “Woah woah woaho”, that’s the power-packed beginning of ‘Dog on a Leash’ while the also blues influenced ‘Blood Moon’ slowly and formidably finds its way out of the loudspeakers.

Overall, it can be stated that Dead City Ruins have recorded a really good hard rock record. These eleven songs are neither smoothly polished nor did the guys use a softener. Dirt under the fingernails reigns and that’ s what this kind of music needs.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Preacher
  2. Vision
  3. Madness
  4. Speed Machine
  5. Rain
  6. Dog on a Leash
  7. This Side of the Dirt
  8. Drifter
  9. Spiders
  10. End of the Line
  11. Blood Moon
  12. The Sorcerer

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: August 19th, 2022




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