Review GUS G. ‘Quantum Leap’

Gus G.’s guitar enriched many releases. He played with Ozzy Osbourne, added brute riffs to Nightrage’s death metal and has with Firewind a melodic metal powerhouse up and running. The great thing with Gus G. is that he usually combines his exquisite guitar play with songwriting skills which means that songs always stay songs without become wild instrumental excursions that’s made for nerds only.

Since the beginning of this century the Greek guitarist also reveals releases as Gus. G., the solo branch of his musical offer. The focus goes to his guitar and the passion of playing the six-string instrument. With Gus.G. releases it is the guitar that sings instead of vocalist. What gegan with ‘Guitar Master’ founds a continuation by three more longplayers. The newest one, number five, is entitled ‘Quantum Leap’. What sounds like the title of a James Bond movie is a eleven songs comprising record that shows Gus G. at his best.

I mentioned Gus. G.’s sense for good songs, something that benefits also this solo release. While others instrumental album sound more like an endless played guitar solo, that makes to release rather annoying after a while, it is ‘Quantum Leap’ that comes with songs that are attractive. As mentioned ealier, Gus G. let the guitar sing. Together with great melody lines the album is an instrumental and still has character and a cool vibe. This opens up the album also for fans that aren’t playing the guitar or another instrument. It’s just a pleasure to listen to these eleven track since you can connect to the rather quickly.

‘Quantum Leap’ is a good example for an instrumental album that will finds friends, regardless of if you are a musician or not. This record has enough to offer to create excitement by filigree guitar play and excellently crafted songs. This album shows what can be achieved if the passion is about music and not ego.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


CD 1:

  1. Into The Unknown
  2. Exosphere
  3. Quantum Leap
  4. Chronesthesia
  5. Enigma Of Life
  6. Judgement Day
  7. Fierce
  8. Demon Stomp
  9. Night Driver
  10. Not Forgotten
  11. Force Majeure (feat. Vinnie Moore)

CD 2:

  1. Fearless (Live)
  2. Mr. Manson (Live)
  3. Letting Go (Live)
  4. Cold Sweat (Live)
  5. Force Majeure (Live)
  6. Money For Nothing (Live)
  7. Thrill Of The Chase (Live)

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date EU: October 8th, 2021



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