Review TUESDAY THE SKY ‘The Blurred Horizon’

Jim Matheos’ guitar play is a key asset of the Fates Warning sound. Next to the mothership, Matheos had some projects up and running in parallel. OSI is one of them and the Arch/Matheos collaboration led to exciting songs too. Another project that started accidentally is Tuesday The Sky. Sitting on some songs that didn’t fit any of the other outlets, the guitarist decided to write more of this kind of songs that ended up on an album called ‘Drift’, the debut of Tuesday The Sky.

What started as an unplanned project will be now followed by a second album. ‘The Blurred Horizon’ is the title of a longplayer that focusses on the calmer and relaxed tones. There isn’t a loud and mighty riff, nor one can listen to a heavy pounding beat. The gentle tones are what this record stands for. It’s a soulful and peaceful atmosphere that is a great moment to balance the hectic of daily life.

Ambient, electronica and post-rock, it is this mélange that has the potential to enchant the listener. It’s an album for a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch, a moment to close the eyes and dream away in well-crafted melodies and soundscapes.

Tuesday The Sky is pretty much of a solo album. There are some guests though that helped Matheos to realize the ideas and one of them is drummer Gavin Harrison. Known from The Pineapple Thief, King Crimson and Porcupine Tree, the drummer gave five song a heartbeat, like on the stellar ‘Hypneurotic’. Another song that features a guest is ‘Everything is Free’. The gently swinging song is the only tune that includes vocals. ‘The Blurred Horizon’ is an instrumental album and it is ‘Everything is Free’ that breaks the pattern. Equipped with well-executed vocals by Tim Bowness this soulful song is a touching moment that ends the beautiful disc.

Matheos’ second solo release under the flag of Tuesday The Sky is a well-crafted musical beauty that slows down the heartbeat, dictated by the daily routines. The album is a moment of mental peace and harmony, a moment of balance and recreation.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Half Remembered
  2. Near Light
  3. Cwmwl
  4. Where the Enemy Sleeps
  5. Laudanum Dream
  6. Hypneurotic
  7. Later, Then Now
  8. Near Dark
  9. Half Forgotten
  10. The Blurred Horizon
  11. Everything Is Free

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date EU: September 3rd, 2021



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