Review GEORGE LYNCH ‘Seamless’

If you didn’t live under a rock for the last decades, you know the name of George Lynch. The axe wizard from Spokane, Washington enriched the most successful Dokken longplayers with his unique guitar sound and was a strong base for Dokken’s success. Also Lynch Mob belongs to the well-sounding monikers in rock with a debut that is timeless and thrilling. What some know is that Lynch was part of the Hear’n’Aid line-up and what is not known that much is, that the axeman was also part of Udo Lindenberg’s ‘Keule’ album, together with his Dokken buddy Mick Brown.

Lynch also worked on solo albums and the newest one, ‘Seamless’ is now available in the record stores. With all the great records Lynch added to his list of achievements there is a missing piece too. He never released a full-length instrumental album and ‘Seamless’ closes the gap after four decades in rock and metal.

Instrumental albums had their heydays in the mid 80s when Tony Mc Alpine, Jason Becker and many more shred guitarists got a lot of attention. Nowadays, instrumental albums are a bit less popular which doesn’t say anything about quality, something no-one should question when the name of George Lynch is printed on the front cover. The guitarist created an album that shows his entire experience and capability in handling the six-string guitar. At the same time ‘Seamless’ isn’t an album for guitar nerds only. Each of the tracks is challenging but doesn’t demand too much from listeners. Songs like ‘iThing’ feature the great guitar moments and at the same time builds on a grooving base that leads to a thrill while listening to the song. Furthermore, one can explore the roaring riffs (‘Quiver’) as well as the swinging moments (‘Sharks With Laser Beams’), all songs being based on excellent guitar play and a hard-working rhythm section.

‘Seamless’ is a kind of seamless summary of many musical moments in Lynch’s career. It is an instrumental album that combines excellent guitar skills with the gift of being album to write good songs. Although you might not be a big fan of instrumental albums you should check out this one. It has more to over than endless guitar solos for specialists only.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Quiver
  2. Cola
  3. TJ69
  4. Death By A Thousand Licks
  5. iThink
  6. Sharks With Laser Beams
  7. Octavia
  8. Supersonic Hypnotic Groove Thing
  9. Falling Apart
  10. Blue Light Effect (bonus)
  11. House Of Eternal Return (bonus)
  12. The Weight (bonus)

Label: Rat Pak Records

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date EU: August 20th, 2021



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