Review MOURN THE LIGHT ‘Suffer, The We’re Gone’

‘Suffer, Then We’re Gone’ is the title of Mourn The Light’s debut album. Mourn The Light is a band from Connecticut, US. It was in 2017 when the quintet started their metal adventure, and a first EP has been revealed one year later. This first release, together with a few singles, brought the band to the attention of Argonauta Records. A deal was signed and the way for a debut album was paved.

‘Suffer The We’re Gone’ features nine songs of which two songs aren’t that new. ‘Blink of an Eye’ is a remastered version of the single-release from 2020 and acts as a bonus track on this longplayer. Furthermore, the album contains with ‘Eye of Times’ a song from the very first EP, this time in a 2020 dress, that sounds more powerful than back in the days.

Mourn The Light are rooted in doom metal with an epic metal touch added to it. All of these influences are reflected in the epic title song, a nine-minute milestone for the band. The dark and calm beginning is a lamenting one before the song builds up slowly and gets heavier after one third. Great riffs, partly reminding me of Paradise Lost, and a dark vibe covers the fan’s soul in grief and gloom. Not to forget the hoarse growls being a distraction that comes right in time and the tempo changes which add an extra layer of excitement to this milestone-song.

Although being anchored in snail-pace speed, Mourn The Light can also shift gears. The galloping ‘Refuse to Fall’ with a Zakk Wylde reference, shows that the quintet also can handle a faster pace.

Not everything is planned to detail on this longplayer and there are some rough edges here and there. Especially the vocals could handle some extra attention. However, Mourn The Light present good doom metal songs that don’t follow the standard recipe for success. These guys add their own identity to the nine songs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we would hear more from these US heavy doomsters.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. When the Fear Subsides
  2. I Bare the Scars
  3. Take Your Pain Away
  4. End of Times (2020 Version)
  5. Suffer, The We’re Gone
  6. Refuse to Fall
  7. Progeny of Pain
  8. Wisdom Bestowed
  9. Blink of an Eye (Bonus Track)

Label: Argonauta Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: July 2nd, 2021




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