TESSERACT announce the release of ‘ P O R T A L S’

TesseracT streamed a cinematic live event called ‘P O R T A L S’ in Dec 12th last year.

Bass player Amos Williams reflects on the show and its forthcoming release “It is only with hindsight and some time to appreciate it that we realise what this show meant to us. ‘P O R T A L S’ as a show was an experiment afforded to us in a time when anything was possible because nothing of our previous life was possible. The overwhelming acceptance of such an approach to our music, and the stories contained within it, has shown us a potential path forward for TesseracT. It was exciting to connect with our fan base in such a difficult time for everyone, and it was powerful to see how it allowed some respite and escapism. These things were the gifts that this show gave to us, a direction and a drive, as we use this show’s example to forge a new path for TesseracT.”  

The band performed 14 songs:

  • Of Matter (P O R T A L S)
  • King (P O R T A L S
  • Concealing Fate Parts 1, 2 & 3 (P O R T A L S)
  • Tourniquet (P O R T A L S)
  • Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image (P O R T A L S)
  • Orbital (P O R T A L S)
  • Juno (P O R T A L S)
  • Cages (P O R T A L S)
  • Dystopia (P O R T A L S)
  • Phoenix (P O R T A L S)
  • Nocturne (P O R T A L S)
  • Eden (P O R T A L S)
  • Of Energy (P O R T A L S)
  • Seven Names (P O R T A L S)

In case you missed ‘P O R T A L S’ at the time, Kscope will release the event in various formats on August 27th. And for the ones that joined the show, the release bring probably back some good memories.

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