CD review ICON OF SIN ‘Icon of Sin’

Wait a second, is Bruce Dickinson singing in a new band called Icon Of Sin? The answer is ‘no’. What leads to the impression though is the voice of Icon Of Sin frontman Raphael Mendes who reminds a lot of the iconic Iron Maiden singer. I can remember that I read in a comment on YouTube that Brazilians doesn’t copy Dickinson, they clone him. Now, voice-wise this is probably true.

What is a strength on the one hand could turn into a hurdle too. Since the voice gets so much attention, the focus might be less on the music and more on the obvious, which are the parallels when it comes to timbre. Nobody should blame Mendes for the gift he got with his voice and at the same time Icon Of Sin is more than a singer. There are with Caio Vidal (b), Sol Perez (g, Mateus Cantaleãno (g) and CJ Dubiella (d) four more guys on board and what the band delivers from a musical aspect isn’t bad stuff.

Rooted in traditional metal, what a surprise, the guys are obviously inspired by the NWoBHM legend and at the same time it’s some Helloween that shines through with tunes such as ‘Virtual Empire’. Also not shying away from a good melody line, the quintet doesn’t reinvent heavy metal but delivers solid craftsmanship. A highlight, that also reflects the filigree of guitars and power of hooks, is the eight minutes ‘Clouds Over Gotham’. No doubt, it’s inspired by Maiden during their ‘Fear of the Dark’ era and still is a massage for eardrums of metalheads. Another song that also knows how to please is the brisky ‘Road Rage’, being one of the earlier tracks on this debut and “running wild, running free” as a text passage might be a coincident or not.

To conclude: If Iron Maiden ever look for new singer, there is a guy in Brazil that can try to fill the gap. And if, heaven forbid, Iron Maiden ever decide to end their career, there is a band of youngsters that could potentially take over the baton and move at least some of the trademarks onwards into a metallic future. All in all, ‘Icon of Sin’ is worth a sin since songs are good, sound is powerful and musical talent is present. Next time a bit more of an own identity and things might become even more exciting.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Icon Of Sin
  2. Road Rage
  3. Shadow Dancer
  4. Unholy Battleground
  5. Nightbreed
  6. Virtual Empire
  7. Pandemic Euphoria
  8. Clouds Over Gotham
  9. Arcade Generation
  10. Hagakure (Intro)
  11. The Last Samurai
  12. The Howling
  13. Survival Instinct

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: April 16th, 2021


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