MOTÖRIZER and ‘Keep the Spirit Alive XX’

One of the best Motörhead cover bands, Motörizer from Kiel (Germany), started ‘Lemmyversary’ in 2016 to honor one of the icons in rock and metal – Lemmy Kilmister. Since 2016, on every December 28th, Motörizer played a show at Markthalle, Hamburg, at least so far. They did it for four years in a row before the pandemic forced a change of plans for Volume 5.

Not being allowed to play a concert in 2020 led to an alternative to not let just pass the day by. A 30 minutes video will feature a lot of Motörizer live shots and interviews about the story of Motörizer and Motörhead music. The video will premier on Facebook on 28.12.2020 at 20:00.

HERE are some more information.

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