LP review SLAUGHTERDAY ‘Ancient Death Triumph’

Leer in Germany is the homebase of Slaughterday, a band the premiered in 2013 with ‘Nightmare Vortex’. Being deeply rooted in the Frisian metal scene, the band added a second album to the shelves in 2016, these days followed by the newest strike of Slaughterday.

‘Ancient Death Triumph’ is the third longplayer from Slaughterday and we can seriously talk about a next blast. The album leads-off with the ominous intro ‘Decarnation’ before the rubber hits the road with the title track. Slaughterday kick it into the high gear right away. Reflecting raw, spirited death metal, the song is a well-chosen name-giver for the album and a statement too.

Slaughterday doesn’t hesitate to go full speed ahead and with ‘speed’ I don’t talk solely about pace. Many songs are fast-paced and it’s the smartly integrated breaks adding a sinister excitement. ‘Expulsed From Decay’ is a monstrous death metal track with roots somewhere witin the frames of Bolt Thrower and Autopsy.

‘Spawn of the Incubus’ is another example of meat-cleaver riffs and merciless growls. Blistering leads complete a positive impression that stays throughout. Uncompromising is how ‘Malformed Assimilation’ can be described and as on the latest album it’s again a cover version that also ends this metal assault. No less than Canadian metal institution Anvil have been covered by the German metal duo. ‘Thumbhang’ got a death metal finish while the gutys also cleverly integrated a Type O’Negative vibe to this great cover version.

All done right, that is the main conclusion. Finger and Reiners deliver with ‘Ancient Death Triumph’ is an album that showcases a band that follows their metal heart, pumping black blood into each of the eight songs (plus intro).

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Decarnation
  2. Ancient Death Triumph
  3. Expulsed From Decay
  4. Impeninent Agony
  5. Spawn of the Incubus
  6. Apocalyptic Dreams
  7. Malformed Assimilation
  8. Discarnated Forces
  9. Thumbhang

Label: FDA Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 27th, 2020



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