Did you listen already to MOUNT ATLAS?

The amount of new releases every month is huge and sometimes you miss an album that actually is worth to be highlighted. For unexplainable reasons I missed Mount Atlas’ debut ‘Titan’ as well as the following EP ‘Mistress’. Record Store Day is a good reason for closing the gap.

If you haven’t heard of Mount Atlas also, I can surely recommend them and their music to fans of Hard Rock and Classic Rock. Mount Atlas is a five-piece band from Oldenburg, Germany. The guys premiered in 2017 with the mentioned ‘Titan’-album and it’s the title track being a timeless ode to Classic Rock. The tune is an uber-hit build on a great riff and a booming Hammond. The moment you listen to the song, it bites on to your mind. The rest of the album is great too, providing a heavily grooving Rock experience that’s very well-crafted.

After having been on the road, a limited ‘tour-edition’ of ‘Titan’ followed and it was the ‘Mistress’-EP that continued the winning streak. Now, I closed the gap with adding both releases to the collection and if you are a fan of Classic Rock, you at least should listen to ‘Titan’, an appetizer for more.



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