CD review LYNCH MOB ‘Wicked Sensation Reimagined’

‘Wicked Sensation’ is not only Lynch Mob’s best album, it’s also their most successful release. After George Lynch and Don Dokken decided to part ways for several reasons, the axeman started with Lynch Mob a band that included in the early years also Mick Brown, known from Dokken too.

‘Wicked Sensation’ was released thirty years ago and as an anniversary edition, Lynch Mob re-issues the milestone record in an reimagined version. Re-worked and re-recorded versions let a great album shine even brighter. Songs like ‘Sweet Sister Mercy’ are great examples for the creative power of Lynch and frontman Oni Logan at the time and not to forget the gently rocking ‘No Bed of Roses’.

This reimagined release features the 12 songs from the original track-listing and the band didn’t add any extras or bonus songs to the album. However, the dozen of Hard Rock anthems sound denser and energetic, which makes great tracks even better. And not only that the album sounds good, the band also added a new final touch to songs like the title track, which makes the album interesting and exciting. It’s like an extra spice that makes things hotter.

‘Wicked Sensation Reimagined’ is probably more an album that aims for collectors, but since the original version has reached the ripe old age of 30 years there might some younger Metal kids that missed the debut and dig well-crafted Rock/Metal with blistering guitars and excellently done vocals. Don’t hesitate to check this album, also since it is probabaly the last one that’s released under the Lynch Mob name. Things have come full circle.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Wicked Sensation (reimagined)
  2. River of Love (reimagined)
  3. Sweet Sister Mercy (reimagined)
  4. All I Want (reimagined)
  5. Hell Child (reimagined)
  6. She’s Evil but She’s Mine (reimagined)
  7. Dance of the Dogs (reimagined)
  8. Rain (reimagined)
  9. No Bed of Roses (reimagined)
  10. Through These Eyes (reimagined)
  11. For a Million Years (reimagined)
  12. Street Fightin’ Man (reimagined)

Label: Rat Pak Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date: August 28th, 2020


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