CD review SHRAPNEL ‘Palace For the Insane’

Norwich is home to Shrapnel, a young thrash metal band who are presenting these days with ‘Palace For the Insane’ their third album.

Formed in 2009 the debut album followed in 2014 and it was three years ago when the second album ‘Raised on Decay’ followed.

Compared to the previous album we can detect a change on this album. Since last year Shrapnel has a new singer and bass player on board. Arran Jacky Tucker is now part of the band and after some turbulences Shrapnel is growing into a quartet again.

‘Palace of the Insane’ is not really a comeback album, but the album ends a hiatus it certainly is a re-start for the guys. Already with the opener ‘Might of Cygnus’ it becomes clear to all that the band used the time of absence really well. An acoustic intro is the calm before the storm. The song builds up slowly and after about two minutes it unfolded its full brute force. Based on the sound of the Bay Area, Shrapnel surf unerringly through the rough seas, a thrash metal journey that has another highlight with ‘Cannibal’.
The mentioned two songs are real highlights to me, but there isn’t a really weak spot on the album. ‘Palace of thr Insane’ sounds fresh and wild, exactly how thrash metal needs to get out of the speakers.

In general, ‘Palace for the Insane’ is a successfully done thrash metal album. Built on a solid rhythmic foundation, the four Brits push the tunes very hard and by that provide excellent headbanging motivators.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Might Of Cygnus
  2. Salt The Earth
  3. Vultures Circle
  4. Cannibal
  5. Begin Again
  6. Bury Me Alive
  7. Turn Off The Lights
  8. Infernal Choir
  9. The Mace
  10. Violent Now, Forever
  11. Future Sight
  12. Palace For The Insane

Label: Candlelight Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: May 15th, 2020



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