CD review LORD OF LIGHT ‘Morningstar’

In these days of darkness a morning star would be certainly a good thing once in a while. At least from a musical perspective a ‘Morningstar’ arises, in this case as an album, revealed by Lord Of Light.

The band is the brainchild of Nicklas Kirkevall who bounced some ideas for songs back and forth before capturing them on the debut album of Lord Of Light. As the title states the album is a bright one. Darkness, gloom and melancholy is what you will search in vein.

‘Morningstar’ has more of a vibrant spirit from start to end. The trio, that includes next to the founder also Alfred Andersson (b) and Jesper Sunnhagen (d), fuses various styles. Heavy Metal and Rock are the foundation of the seven songs that made it on the tracklist. Not being afraid of effectively use of keyboards the trio also adds progressive structures to their music. ‘Morningstar’ comprises of songs that are organic and layered, without ending in endless instrumental parts.

Before pressing the ‘Start’-button I didn’t know what to expect. ‘Presage’, an uptempo instrumental, acted as a good appetizer with everything that comes next being a musical main course and desert. Good stuff.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Presage
  2. Ballad of the Righteous
  3. History
  4. Candlelight
  5. Morningstar
  6. A Leaden Sky
  7. Typhoon

Label: No Remorse Records

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: March 13th, 2020


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