CD review BURNING WITCHES ‘Dance With the Devil’

What started as a Swiss Metal outfit changed over time into a Swiss-Dutch collaboration. Sonja Nusselder (g) joined the Metal queens in 2018 and a year later Laura Guldemond took over the vocal duties, replacing Seraina Telli behind the mic.

After having completed the line-up adjustments the band started work on the third longplayer. The ‘Wings of Steel’ EP was a first and promising appetizer from Switzerland and now it’s ‘Dance With the Devil’ to prove that the EP wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

After having listened to the album several times I can conclude that there is no reason for worries. Burning Witches add a next longplayer to their discography, shimmering metallic and bright. 11 songs (plus an intro) put the spotlight once again on traditional Heavy Metal, fully in line with genre icons like Judas Priest and Co..

There is with ‘Black Magic’ though a song on the album I wouldn’t miss if not being part of the track listing. Starting as an acoustic ballad the tune stays on calmer ground with the guitar solo being the only highlight. It’s an OK song but there is much better stuff on ‘Dance with the Devil’.

It takes a few songs to fully adjust to Guldemond’s vocals. More high-pitch screams became part of Burning Witches’ music and those fit very well. For the rest it’s the unleashed riff power that’s fascinating throughout. ‘The Sisters of Fate’ is such a song that comes with excellent riffing as well as witch-like screams, both being in the meantime trademark of the quintet.

Furthermore I can recommend listening to the heavy pounding title track with Priest-like twin guitars. The blistering ‘Threefold Return’ is a real headbanger too and ‘Wings of Steel’ is what we know already from the EP.

The Metal ladies express their passion for traditional Heavy Metal with a cover song they placed at the end of the longplayer. Manowar’s ‘Battle Hymn’ was turned into a Burning Witches version and sounds really well. It again brings the vocal range of Guldemond pretty good to forefront and if all this wouldn’t be enough it’s no less than Ross The Boss adding riff power while Michael LePond supports with a grooving rhythm. This song is a real grand finale.

Burning Witches needed a few months to regroup and adapt to the line-up changes. Now they are back with the decisive third album, expressing that the quintet came back to stay. Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Incantation
  2. Lucid Nightmare
  3. Dance with the Devil
  4. Wings of Steel
  5. Six Feet Underground
  6. Black Magic
  7. Sea of Lies
  8. The Sisters of fate
  9. Necronomicon
  10. The Final Fight
  11. Threefold Return
  12. Battle Hym (feat. Ross The Boss and Michael LePond)

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: March 6th, 2020



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