CD review DAWN OF SOLACE ‘Waves’

14 years after having premiered with ‘The Darkness’, Dawn Of Solace returns with the sophomore release ‘Waves’. Dawn Of Solace, that’s basically the project of Tuomas Saukkonen (Wolfheart) who found with Mikko Heikkilä a great singer for the clean vocals on ‘Waves’ and after having focussed on Wolfheart the Finn revitalized Dawn Of Solace.

Dawn Of Solace offers 8 new songs, spreading a dark vibe throughout. Plaintive and wistful, that’s the overarching atmosphere that accompanies the listener through 41 minutes of Melodic Doom.

‘Lead Wings’ is the starting point of this album covered in sounds of all shades of grey. Reminding of H.I.M. & Co. the song’s a good start into the album and a soundtrack for sunless winter days. In general it’s the same pattern throughout, which makes good music a bit repetitive. After a while you can get the idea of ‘same thing only different’, although on a high quality level. Songs like ‘Tuli’ are well-crafted but it’s the final and vital spark that’s missing.

The calm and soulful closer ‘Ghost’ finally finally breaks the pattern, being a piano-based ballad with Saukkonen’s voice as a centerpiece. Although being a calm track the song’s one of the most intense moments on the album and it’s hard not getting touched by this melancholic anthem.

‘Waves’ isn’t a bad album for sure, but it also misses the wow-moments. It’s like a cold winter without snow, all good but still something’s missing.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Lead Wings
  2. Ashes
  3. Silence
  4. Hiding
  5. Tuli
  6. Numb
  7. Choice
  8. Ghost

Label: Noble Demon Records

Genre: Melodic Doom

Release Date EU: January 24th, 2020


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