CD review TOXIC HOLOCAUST ‘Primal Future: 2019’

(8/10) Allround musician Joel Grind is a restless guy and it is Metal that seems to flow through his veins. There are his solo releases and his work with Tiger Junkies, but there’s Toxic Holocaust too, basically a one man show with Grind being the centerpiece.

‘Primal Future” 2019’, that’s the name of Toxic Holocaust’s newest delivery, a ten songs comprising longplayer. Again it was Grind himself, handling all instruments plus being at the helm when it comes to recording, mix and mastering. This album is a clear one-man-show with the exception of the artwork, which comes from Steve Crisp.

‘Primal Future: 2019’ is built on the roots of Thrash Metal and Crossover from the ’80s. Bands like D.R.I., Nuclear Assault and S.O.D. inspired Grind to write songs like the furious ‘Black Out the Code’ and the not even two minutes blast ‘Deafened By the Roar’. Both awesome tunes, as each of the ten songs on this release.

Toxic Holocaust’s new album demands strong neck muscles since headbanging is what just happens while listening to Metal anthems like ‘Cybernetic War’. It’s impossible to stand still. Some traditional Metal elements sneaked into this fierce Thrasher, being the terrific closure of an excellent album.

Like mentioned in the beginning, Joel Grind lives and breathes Heavy Metal. ‘Primal Future: 2019’ is not just an album, it’s a carrier of passionate Metal done by one of the most committed musicians to date.



1. Chemical Warlords
2. Black Out The Code
3. New World Beyond
4. Deafened By The Roar
5. Time’s Edge
6. Primal Future
7. Iron Cage
8. Controlled By Fear
9. Aftermath
10. Cybernetic War

Label: eOne

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 4th, 2019



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