CD review BETH HART ‘War in My Mind’

(9/10) Right away, ‘War in My Mind’ is one of the most touching albums this year and it comes from Beth Hart. The singer and musician from California releases with ‘War in My Mind’ her thirteenth album and it’s a very peronal one.

Hart’s life was a rollercoaster with many ups and number of downs and many positive aspects were followed by new challenges and personal struggles. With her new longplayer the singer reveals these moments in life and it’s these extremes that allowed her to write the best songs. ‘War in My Mind’ is full of them.

The opener ‘Bad Woman Blues’ and the closer ‘I Need a Hero’ are perfect representatives of this 53 minutes long album. ‘Bad Woman Blues’ is an energetic start into the album, a hymn with irresistible groove and some Gospel-based vocals. It’s the great start into an album that finds with ‘I Need a Hero’ a very soulful ending. The song is a sensitive counterpart to the powerful opener and a great closing.

In-between these songs Hart recorded touching ballads like ‘Thankful’ but also grooving tunes like ‘Try a Little Harder’, lyrically focussing on Hart’s father who was gambler. The ’70s sound is in perfect sync with the thematic approach, making the track to a highlight on the album.

‘Sugar Shack’ is another song you shouldn’t miss. Still being 100% Beth Hart the tune comes with a cool Disco-vibe. It’s these nuances and twists Hart uses to create an entertaining album. None of the songs sounds the same and still there is a common theme throughout with Hart’s terrific vocals and her unfolded soul.

‘War in My Mind’ is an extremely authentic longplayer. Beth Hart presents herself extremely open and vulnerable too. The iconic musician doesn’t hide anything on her newest output, which even includes the photos done for the album. Now make-up and no retouching, that’s how the photos were done. In a shiny world full of Insta-glitter a pleasant deviation from standards.

‘War in My Mind’ is for sure one of the best albums this year. It’s a longplayer that touches right away and grows with each time you press the ‘Start’-button. This album is true (H)art.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Bad Woman Blues
  2. War In My Mind
  3. Without Words In The Way
  4. Let It Grow
  5. Try A Little Harder
  6. Sister Dear
  7. Spanish Lullabies
  8. Rub Me For Luck
  9. Sugar Shack
  10. Woman Down
  11. Thankful
  12. I Need A Hero

Label: Provogue / Mascot Label Group

Genre: Blues / Rock

Release Date EU: September 27th, 2019




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