NAILED TO OBSCURITY re-issues first two albums

Next to the new exciting 'Black Frost' album German melodic death metal outfit Nailed To Obscurity also re-issued the two previous albums 'King Delusion' and 'Opaque'. The band's on tour right now with Amorphis, Soilwork and Jinjer and here are the dates11.01. D Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle 2 *SOLD OUT*12.01. NL Nijmegen - Doornroosje *SOLD OUT*13.01. D Hamburg... Continue Reading →

CD review STEELHEART ‘Rock’n Milan’

(*/10) Steelheart will get all the credit for being a successful rock outfit in the early '90s. The guys released with 'Steelherat' and 'Tangled in Rain' to formidable hardrock albums that scored good success in the era of an upcoming grunge hype. Unfortunately, a drastic line-up change led to a new situation and the band... Continue Reading →

CD review SOILWORK ‘Verkligheten’

(9/10) 'Verkligheten' is not only the title of Soilwork's newest delivery, it's also the Swedish word for 'reality'. Now, why am I telling this? The thing is that if you have a hard time and went through changes, you have to face reality at a certain moment. In such a context Swedish Soilwork couldn't have... Continue Reading →

CD review DUST BOLT ‘Trapped in Chaos’

(8/10) 'Trapped in Chaos is the fourth strike of German metallers Dust Bolt and it's the most mature release of the quartet to date. Dust Bolt, that means thrash metal from Bavaria and the new longplayer doesn't deviate from this general direction. Nine songs made it on the tracking list of 'Trapped in Chaos', standing... Continue Reading →


Two additional bands are confirmed for this years Rock Hard Festival. After having toured the world with Helloween on their 'Pumpkins United' tour, Kai Hansen will put more focus again on Gamma Ray in 2019. Gamma Ray will play at this year's Rock Hard Festival. Furthermore Carnivore A.D. is confirmed for the festival too. Rock... Continue Reading →

CD review DIAMORTE ‘The Red Opera’

(7/10) DiAmorte is the brainchild of Canadian singer and songwriter Drake Mefestta. After having revealed a first EP in 2015 the guy debut sharp before Christmas with 'The Red Opera'. The album is a ten chapter featuring longplayer that units symphonic arrangements, rock and metal. It's a dramatic storyline about time and betrayal that frames... Continue Reading →

CD review METAL INQUISITOR ‘Panopticon”

(8/10) Koblenz-basedMetal Inquisitor might not be the band with a high-frequent release pattern, but every album so far for sure provided quality. It takes between 4-5 years for the band to come with a next longplayer, beginning with the debut ‘The Apparition’ from 2002. Good things come to those who wait, seems to be the... Continue Reading →

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