CD review METAL INQUISITOR ‘Panopticon”

(8/10) Koblenz-basedMetal Inquisitor might not be the band with a high-frequent release pattern, but every album so far for sure provided quality. It takes between 4-5 years for the band to come with a next longplayer, beginning with the debut ‘The Apparition’ from 2002. Good things come to those who wait, seems to be the credo. Anyhow, three more longplayers followed and since the last one dates back to 2014 it was time for some newstuff.

‘Panopticon’ is the anticipated new album and it features nine songs. The German quintet didn’t change a lot when it comes to sound and music. Still being anchored in the spirit of the NWoBHM, Metal Inquisitor provides traditional heavy metal. Twin guitars, melodic leads, good vocal lines and working horse-like rhythm section act as pillars for songs that feel like a trip in the time machine.

Doc Brown’s DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’ couldn’t provide a better view into the early eighties when bands like Iron Maiden rose to a key player in metal. Tracks like ‘Beyond Nightmares’ and ‘War of the Priests’ are clearly inspired by British steel, meaning the British metal sound of the ’80s. Metal Inquisitor keeps this spirit alive and translates into the here and now. Although having the possibility to use modern production techniques ‘Panopticon’ still has this oldschool vibe, reflecting metal that goes right into your heart rather than challenging structure and rationalism.

‘Panopticon’s nine songs are well-crafted metal and it’s fun to listen to this 42 minutes metal endeavor. Headbanging is mandatory.



  1. Free FireZone
  2. Change ofFront
  3. BeyondNightmares
  4. Trial by Combat
  5. ShockTactics
  6. Re-Sworn the Oath
  7. Scent of Fear
  8. War of the Priests
  9. Discipline and Punish

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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