CD review NAILED TO OBSCURITY ‘Black Frost’

(8/10) ‘Black Frost’ with all its blackness fits perfectly into the dark month of January. Nailed To Obscurity’s debut for Nuclear Blast is a seven-track trip into melancholy and greyness,a journey you should joi.

The quintet from Northern Germany adds with ‘Black Frost’ an album to their discography that shows the band on a next level. The previous record ‘King Delusion’ was for sure not a bad one and it’s the newest album that shows a further evolvement.

‘Black Frost’ is an album that transports a lot of emotions and feel. The title track is the first chapter of ‘Black Frost’. It enwraps the listener in shades of grey. and it’s the following ‘Tears of the Eyeless’ that even increases intensity. The song partly reminded me of Paradise Lost, especially when it comes to some vocal sections.

Nailed To Obscurity’s third longplayer features in total seven songs with none of them being shorter than 5 minutes. The epic length of the songs allows Nailed To Obscurity to also pay attention to lyrics. These are more than just words that accompany riffs and melodies. The band addresses inner conflicts and self-control in abstract lyrics, being the common thread of the album rather than a worked out concept. It’s the nautic ‘black frost’ phenomonom that’s transferred to human characteristics such as fear, rage and anger, an interesting approach.

‘Black Frost’ doesn’t include a weak moment and I mentioned already some great songs. Another one you should listen to is the atmospheric ‘Resonance’. The track belongs to the slower ones on ‘Black Frost’, has a dark vibe and clean vocals. It’s an intense tune that unfolds its gloomy beauty step by step.

‘Black Frost’ is an impressive piece of work of a band that’s constantly rising. With every new longplayer, the quintet evolves their music and let creativity lead the process. ‘Black Frost’ stands for contrast, dynamic and emotion, and that’s what’s needed for a great album.



  1. Black Frost
  2. Tears of the Eyeless
  3. The Aberrant Host
  4. Feardom
  5. Cipher
  6. Resonance
  7. Road to Perdition

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 11th, 2019



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