CD review DIAMORTE ‘The Red Opera’

(7/10) DiAmorte is the brainchild of Canadian singer and songwriter Drake Mefestta. After having revealed a first EP in 2015 the guy debut sharp before Christmas with ‘The Red Opera’.

The album is a ten chapter featuring longplayer that units symphonic arrangements, rock and metal. It’s a dramatic storyline about time and betrayal that frames ‘The Red Opera’.

Next to Mefessta himself, it’s three more singers supporting the bandleader in telling the story. Four singers in total open up an opportunity for working with four different roles, which is reflected on ‘The Red Opera’. The album is more than solely a carrier of music. It’s the musical interpretation of a story that also could have become a play.

Next to the singers, the album also features the appearance of bassist Michael LePond (Symphony X) and guitarist Markus Johansson, the latter known from Them. To get these two guys on board shows the quality of music on this record as well as it adds to the positive impression of ‘The Red Opera’.

Metal opera/metal meets classic releases aren’t a rare thing these days with quite some bands being rooted in this genre. ‘The Red Opera’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel here and I think that this wasn’t Mefessta’s main motivation. It’s more the love for what he’s doing, the musical realization of a project he had in mind. Symphonic, theatrical and cinematic – these are words that describe this release best, with harsh guitars, guttural vocals and sensitive classic moments, uniting on an album that is worth to be checked out.



  1. Welcome to the Shadelands
  2. Scarlet Mercy
  3. The Everlasting Night
  4. Ashes and Sorrow
  5. Lovesong of the Damned
  6. Interlude: Fayte’s Aria
  7. Theme of the Betrayer
  8. Savior Nevermore I: The Confrontation
  9. Savior Nevermore II: The Devouring Shadow
  10. Vae Vicits

Label: Dark Star Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: December 21st, 2018



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