CD review V.A. ‘Trapped Under Ice Vol.1: The New Face of Canadian Heavy Metal’

(*/10) The title, including the words ‘Trapped Under Ice’, draws some attention to this album. This time it has nothing to do with the glorious Metallica song, this release is about the Canadian underground.

As you know, many great metal bands are hailing from maples leafs country. But instead of talking about bands like Voivod, Anvil and others, this compilation lasers in on Canadian underground bands.

‘Trapped Under Ice Vol.1: The New Face of Canadian Heavy Metal’ actually breaks the ice and releases ten bands that end up on this longplayer with one song each.

Actually it’s great songs you get with this longplayer, all being connected by the spirit of the underground. with anarchic blackened metal (Occult Burial ‘Fight for Survival’) being next to Starlight Ritual’s heavy stomping ‘Demons’.

In case you prefer rough and mighty metal with edges you should check out this record. Canada’s metal underground is alive and kicking, that’s the story this release clerly tells.



1. Traveler – Betrayer
2. Metalian – Streets of Fire
3. Cauchemar – Comme un poignard
4. Occult Burial – Fight for Survival
5. Starlight Ritual – Demons
6. Freeways – Heavy Rescue
7. Barrow Wight – Morgûl Blade
8. Spell – Silent Towers
9. Blackrat – From the Tideless Sea
10. Emblem – Fast Rocker

Label: Temple Of Mystery

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: January 25th, 2019

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