CD review SOILWORK ‘Verkligheten’

(9/10) ‘Verkligheten’ is not only the title of Soilwork’s newest delivery, it’s also the Swedish word for ‘reality’. Now, why am I telling this? The thing is that if you have a hard time and went through changes, you have to face reality at a certain moment. In such a context Swedish Soilwork couldn’t have chosen a better title for the album, a naming that almost implicates the start of a new era.

OK, Soilwork is still Soilwork and melodic death metal is what’s in focus. There was the fear though that Soilwork, with all the line-up changes, might lose direction. Furthermore, founding member Björn Strid, together with guitarist David Andersson, spend a lot of time with The Night Flight Orchestra and would this have an impact on Soilwork?

After having listened to ‘Verkligheten’ I can report that none of the fears turned out to become reality. Soilwork’s 11th longplayer is a great one and a very positive surprise. If ‘Verkliheten’ is the new reality you don’t have to be a science fiction writer to prognose a positive future for these five guys.

The new album comes with a melodic aspect, something the first two unveiled song show clearly. ‘Full Moon Shoals’ was the first track that faced the public. The song’s a melodic metal track with Strid using his clean voice for singing rather than shouting or growling. However, the song has some outbursts in the second half. It feels like the heaviness of the earlier Soilwork fuses with the hooks of The Night Flight Orchestra.

The same goes for ‘Stålfågel’, a song giving even more attention to melodic vocals with a catchy chorus. As with ‘Full Moon Shoals’ it’s the balanced approach of melody and harshness that represents Soilwork in 2019.

Although these two tracks show a tendency the album contains a lot of heavy rhythms and fierce riffs. ‘Arrival’, as one example, is a first blast. The tune is a high speed one and a great start into the album. ‘Bleeder Despoiler’ is next and is a heavy stomper. Rhythm is very much in the forefront and the clean vocals in the chorus are irresistible. No doubt. Soilwork in 2019 still pushes the pedal to the metal

‘Verkligheten’ doesn’t know a real weak spot and it’s the anthemic ‘You Aquiver’ that acts as the finale furioso. Wherever you drop the needle, your ears will be spoiled with excellent melodic death metal that became a bit more ‘Scandinavian’ again.

‘Verkligheten’ is a great addition to Soilwork’s impressive discography. The album showcases a band that faces reality and turned changes into a positive evolvement. ‘Verkligheten’, a great album of a cool band. Face reality and enjoy ‘Verkligheten’.



01. Verkligheten
02. Arrival
03. Bleeder Despoiler
04. Full Moon Shoals
05. The Nurturing Glance
06. When the Universe Spoke
07. Stålfågel
08. The Wolves qre Back In Town
09. Witan
10. The Ageless Whisper
11. Needles and Kin (feat. Tomi Joutsen)

12. You Aquiver

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 11th, 2019




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