CD review DUST BOLT ‘Trapped in Chaos’

(8/10) ‘Trapped in Chaos is the fourth strike of German metallers Dust Bolt and it’s the most mature release of the quartet to date. Dust Bolt, that means thrash metal from Bavaria and the new longplayer doesn’t deviate from this general direction.

Nine songs made it on the tracking list of ‘Trapped in Chaos’, standing for the bands most mature album to date.

This time I would like to start from the end of the album. ‘Another Day in Hell’ is a rather unusual track in Dust Bolt’s repertoire. The guys wrote a power ballad that starts acoustic with frontman Lenny Bruce singing instead of screaming and shouting. It reminds of ‘Exit’ from the previous record, just more elaborated. This partly new aspect of Dust Bolt works for sure in their favor and it’s Metallica’s ‘Fade to Black’ that partly could have been a source of inspiration for the Bavarian fourpiece.

Next to this more special moment, it’s the other tracks that stand for mighty German thrash metal, starting with the heavy pounding ‘Fourth Strike’. A Slayer-esque riff kicks-off a merciless thrasher, also introduced by Bruce’s bloodcurdling scream. What’s remarkable with this track is the combination of rock-hard metal and hooks, both going together very well.

It’s not only the opener that makes use of such a combination. Throughout the entire album Dust Bolt added hooks and melodies to songs, leading to an extra variety of this sonic wrecking ball. But no worries, the foundation of ‘Trapped in Chaos’ is still uncompromising thrash metal, done with an open-minded approach.

Each of the nine songs on ‘Trapped in Chaos’ isn’t chaotic at all. Dust Bolt was thinking things through from start to end without becoming too rational. ‘Trapped in Chaos’ is cleverly done thrash metal with a high headbanging-factor and fully meets expectations.



  1. Fourth Strike
  2. Dead Inside
  3. The Bad Ad
  4. Bloody Rain
  5. Rhythm to My Madness
  6. Shed My Skin
  7. Killing Time
  8. Trapped in Chaos
  9. Another Day in Hell

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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