Classics: VICTORY ‘Don’t Get Mad – Get Even’

Victory’s rise began in 1984 when former Fargo musicians united under the new moniker. One year later the debut hit the shelves and it was the sophomore release ‘Don’t Get Mad – Get Even’ which was like a trey for the Hannover-based band.

The album was recorded by a great line-up, including Peter Knorn (b), Tommy Newton (g), Herman Frank (g), Fritz Radow (d) and singer Charlie Huhn.

Up to date ‘Don’t Get Mad – Get Even’ belongs to the best, German hardrock and metal brought up to surface. With ‘Check’s in the Mail’ the album gets out of the boxes extremely well. It’s a rock’n’roll anthem and it’s timeless. The song became a small hit in the US and helped the band to become talk of the town. This tunes fascinated me in 1986 and it still does in 2018.

The good thing with this record is the fact that things don’t cool down after a terrific start. ‘Are You Ready’ and the pounding ‘Not Me’ are as good as the opener and stand for the excellent songwriting skills of this five-piece band. And there is ‘Arsonist of the Heart’, that keeps a foot on the break when it comes to pace, still being as intensive as the mentioned tracks.

The B-side opens with ‘She’s Back’, a melodic rocker with a catchy chorus, followed by the grooving ‘Turn it Down’ and the rolling ‘Seven Days Without You Makes One Week’. Again, it’s the density of great tunes that makes this album to a great one.

‘Don’t Get Mad – Get Even’ was the breakthrough album for Victory and opened some doors. ‘Hungry Hearts’, ‘Culture Killed the Native’ and ‘Temple of Gold’ followed and scored chart positions too. However, it was this longplayer that created the base for all the future successes.


  1. The Check’s in the Mail
  2. Are You Ready
  3. Not Me
  4. Arsonist of the Heart
  5. Hit and Run
  6. She’s Back
  7. Turn it on
  8. Seven Days Without You Makes One Week
  9. Sneaking Out
  10. Running Wild

Label: Metronom Musik

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: 1986

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