If you read some of my earlier reviews you noticed that I sometimes refer to the eye-level cooperation between singer and guitarist, being a decisive factor for an album becoming just good or even great. Demons & Wizards build exactly on this collaboration. Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kürsch and Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer are... Continue Reading →

CD review VINNIE MOORE ‘Soul Shifter’

Vinnie Moore belongs to a generation of shredding guitarist that boomed in the second half of the '80s. Especially 'Mind's Eye' and 'Time Odyssey' are great instrumental records to date, exciting longplayers for guitar heroes and jaw-dropping music for non-musicians. During his career, Moore contributed also to records of Alice Cooper and Vicious Rumors, next... Continue Reading →

CD review SEPULTURA ‘Quadra’

In more than 3 decades Thrash Metal veterans Sepultura celebrated many victories but had to go through some periods of renewal also. The first big cut happened in 1986 when Max Cavalera left the band and it was twenty years later when his brother Igor parted ways with Sepultura too.  The band had no other... Continue Reading →

CD review IHSAHN ‘Telemark’ – EP

The winter storms blow a new release from the North towards Europe. Norwegian Black Metal icon Ihsahn is the sender of this ice cold and blackened breeze from Telemarken, home to him and source of inspiration for this EP. 'Telemark' is dark and ferocious. Although 'Nord' comes with a harmonic solo part it's Ihsahn's vocals... Continue Reading →

CD review LORDI ‘Killection’

Finnish Rock/Metal monsters Lordi are nearly 3 decades in business, which shows that there must be a bigger fanbase out there, appreciating the heavy monster show. And not to forget in this context the participation at the Eurovision song contest in 2006 that gave Mr. Lordi and his buddies a great platform for reaching a... Continue Reading →

NIKLAS SUNDIN (DARK TRAQUILITY) announces a solo album

From Dead Can Dance-like tribal atmospheres to futuristic sci-fi soundscapes, from lush and cinematic passages to a harsh distortion and massive futuristic soundscapes, the founding member and guitarist of Swedish metal masters Dark Tranquillity, Niklas Sundin, has not feared any musical borders with his first public foray into his solo-project, Mitochondrial Sun. The self-titled debut album will... Continue Reading →

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