NIKLAS SUNDIN (DARK TRAQUILITY) announces a solo album

From Dead Can Dance-like tribal atmospheres to futuristic sci-fi soundscapes, from lush and cinematic passages to a harsh distortion and massive futuristic soundscapes, the founding member and guitarist of Swedish metal masters Dark Tranquillity, Niklas Sundin, has not feared any musical borders with his first public foray into his solo-project, Mitochondrial Sun. The self-titled debut album will be seeing the light of day on February 14th 2020 with Argonauta Records, and is a diverse offering of songs Sundin has been working on for years, and sounds that differ wildly in expression and sonic aesthetics.

“This is the third and last single before the Mitochondrial Sun debut album will be released on the 14th of February.“ Sundin comments. “The Great Filter is the album’s closing track, and it shows a side of the project that best can be described as “distorted ambient”. The general vibe is harsh and confrontative, being the soundtrack to a world in its final stages of dissolution, but after a while the noise takes on an almost meditative form. Underneath the layers of distortion, more hopeful melodies are floating around. As with the whole album, the song benefits from focused headphone listening since there are a lot of small nuances that otherwise might lost. Hope that you’ll like it!


1. Ur Tehom
2. Chronotopes
3. Braying Cells

4. Stars Beneath The Sea
5. Nyaga
6. Celestial Animal
7. Arkadia
8. The Void Begets
9. Entropy’s Gift
10. The Great Filter

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