Massive hardcore from THE GREAT LIE

The Great Lie is a hardcore band, hailing from Long Island, NY. The five-piece consists out of Gerry Giacalone, John LaFata, Scott Martin, Kerry Merkle and Mike Scarola. These five guys recorded and released a five track EP that was unveiled earlier this summer.

‘All Roads Lead to Where You Stand’ features five raging hardcore songs that include some metal and punk influences too. The sound of bands like CroMags, Slayer and Sonic Youth belongs to the favorites of the five guys, leading to an aggressive sonic melting pot that manifests itself on this EP. ‘All Roads Lead to Where You Stand’ is a powerful and merciless musical attack that could be interesting for fans of uncompromising hardcore. These five guys must be really angry, at least that’s the impression you get by listening to this release.



  1. Boston Jugular
  2. Progression Aggression
  3. Lie Where You Stand
  4. Closer to the Grave
  5. Do More, Say Less


Photo: The Great Lie

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