CD review DARK MILLENNIUM ‘Where Oceans Collide’

(7/10) Dark Millennium is a band you might have missed to date. The roots of the German metal outfit go back to the early 90’s when the band entered the scene. The guys debut in 1992 and the sophomore record saw the light of day one year later. With these two longplayers in their musical backpack, the band disbanded and it took many many years before a re-release of the first two longplayers blew some new energy into Dark Millennium.

After 23 years of absence, the band released their third album in 2016 and the wait for the next disc was kept a bit shorter. It’s the band’s forth longplayer ‘Where Oceans Collide’ that will hit the shelves in August, an album that features 11 songs.

One cornerstone of ‘Where Oceans Collide’ comes at the end. The eleven minutes epos ‘Across Oceans of Souls’ is definitely the best track the band has in their current offer. It is an atmospheric song and it’s entirely instrumental only. The composition, that’s what it actually is, sounds more like a cinematic soundtrack contribution and stands a bit on itself compared to the rest of the album. 

The other songs on ‘Where Oceans Collide’ are described as progressive dark metal.  And yes, the songs do have progressive elements that are weaved in, as well as there is a dark vibe that covers the tunes in greyness. After having listened to the album several time it’s songs like ‘Moving Light’ that reminds me of bands like Coroner. It’s especially the harder and progressive sections that lead to this comparison. It’s just that Dark Millennium’s tunes don’t reach the quality level of the Swiss progressive trio. However, songs like ‘Nights, Eternal’ and the more layered ‘The Lie Behind the Trust’ are well-crafted ones that are pleasing to the ear.

But I also have the mention that the longplayer is a bit lengthy. After I while I got the feeling of having heard things before. Anyhow, ‘Where Oceans Collide’ is an interesting longplayer with some good songs and an epic closure. Check it out.





  1. Vampire’s Empire
  2. Lovers Die
  3. Moving Light
  4. Insubstantial
  5. Nights, Eternal
  6. Flesh is Weak
  7. The Lie Behind the Truth
  8. Disease Decease
  9. Jessica’s Grave
  10. In Equilibrium
  11. Across Oceans of Souls



Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Progressive Dark Metal

Release Date EU: August 24th, 2018

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