LP review PHARAO ‘After the Fire’

(8/10) ‘After the Fire’ is the album that started things for Cruz del Sur. Originally published in 2003 the album carries catalog number ‘Cruz01’ and is a starting point of one of the most important underground labels for traditional and epic metal. The label grew over time and is after 15 years a safe bet when it comes to excellent metal releases.

All this is reason enough to celebrate the milestone with a re-issue of Pharaoh’s ‘After the Fire. It’s the vinyl version that will be shipped to the record stores end of August, being the carrier of eight excellent metal songs. Pharaoh plays traditional metal that manifests itself in great songs. ‘Flash of the Dark’ and ‘Solar Flight’ revitalize traditional metal and bridge into the fields of epic metal too. On their debut Pharaoh began to establish their trademarks. Driving metal tracks is what you get, songs that are built on ferocious riffs, a pounding rhythm section and the great vocal range of singer Tim Aymar. This guy is a real metal siren and I can highly recommend to listen to tracks like ‘Now is the Time’. By the way, in case you have the idea of knowing the name of Tim Aymar – could be. The singer was part of the Control Denied line-up, the side project of Death’s Chuck Schuldiner.

‘After the Fire’ is an excellent metal album and a re-issue in vinyl was a great idea. In addition to the terrific songs, the re-release benefits of a new mastering and an alternative mix, both adding extra vitality to an anyhow stunning longplayer.





  1. Unum / After The Fire 
  2. Flash Of The Dark 
  3. Forever Free 
  4. Heart Of The Enemy
  5. Solar Flight 
  6. Now Is The Time 
  7. Never Not Again 
  8. Slaves 


Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: August 31st, 2018





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