DAVE GROHL presents ‘Play’

Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl seems to be a restless mind. The former Nirvana drummer grew over time to one of the most influential and respected musicians in (alternative) rock and while he is still on tour with Foo Fighter, Grohl announces with ‘Play’ a spectacular project.

‘Play’ is a two episodes mini documentary Grohl did in cooperation with Mark Monroe. The documentary addresses the challenges and rewards of learning to play an instrument and evolving in performance.

‘Play’ is basically about Grohl recording a 23 minutes song – entitled ‘Play’. Grohl himself plays all the seven instruments, starting with drums, followed by various other instruments, like guitars, bass… Every mistake or possibility for a better take led to a new start. The final song is a merge of all ‘seven Grohls, playing together. This challenging endeavor is filmed in black & white, with the light atmosphere reflecting the high and lows of the very moment. It is impressive to watch.

But the project includes more. It’s should act as an inspiration for learning an instrument with one part of the documentary being about the music school ‘Join The Band in San Fernando Valley where young musicians work hard to get one with their instruments.

‘Play’ will be digitally released on August 10th and a limited vinyl edition is planned for September 18th via Sony Music /RCA.


Website experience: https://play.roswellfilms.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e05H80-k0mY

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