CD review BEACH RATS ‘Wasted Time’ – EP

(7/10) Beach Rats is a new band, entering the fields of punk and hardcore. Even though the band is new, band members are veterans when it comes to this style of music. Minor Thread/Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker is part of this all-star cast as well as Lifetime’s Ari Katz.

The band releases with ‘Wasted Time’ their first EP, which reflects the roots of  band members very well. Being a bit closer to punk than to hardcore the outfit recorded five songs for their first release and it’s worth to listen to these energizers.

‘Wasted Time’ is definitely not what the title of this 5-track releases states. It’s for sure well spend time to listen to crushing songs like the anarchic ‘Sports Stink’ and the melodic speedster ‘Lonely for the Night’. Especially the melodies reminded me of bands like Bad Religion even though Beach Rats is different. Especially Ari Katz’ unique way of phrasing give the vocals and the sound of Beach Rats a special touch that differentiate the band from others.

‘Wasted Time’ is a well-done EP that could be interesting for fans of bands like the mentioned Bad Religion, but also some metalheads might get excited by this release. ‘Wasted Time’ is a solid start of a new all-star powerhouse.





  1. Lonely for the Night
  2. Stay All Night
  3. Sports Stink
  4. Skins, Brains and Dubs
  5. Wasted Time


Label: Bridge 9

Genre: Punk/Hardcore

Release Date EU: July 27th, 2018

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