Live report WOLFMOTHER / PACESHIFTERS, 013, Tilburg – 25.07.2018

July 25th was a really hot day. The air thermometer in The Netherlands showed more the 30 degrees Celsius, which rather uncommon for the country that can handle water better than sun. It was almost too hot for outdoor activities and therefor going for an indoor event wasn’t the worst option. 

It was Australian Wolfmother that played a show at 013 in Tilburg, supported by a Dutch band – Paceshifters. I never heard of the latter and I regret it. The trio performed 30 minutes  and their mix of alternative metal, grunge and rock worked extremely well. In combination with very agile stage acting the guys could definitely score. After such a cool show, I think I need to go for at least one of their records.

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After having been musically ‘warmed-up’ by this trio it was Andrew Stockdale and Wolfmother that took over. One day after they had a fantastic show in Amsterdam the quartet of the iconic bandleader performed 16 songs with main focus on the debut, which contributed with eight songs to the setlist. Fans have been highly enthusiastic that night, mainly because they got served what thee came for – well done rock music – but probably also, because the room in the venue was much cooler than everything outside.

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With ‘Joker & the Thief’ Wolfmother finished a well-done show. A happy rock crowd left the venue and probably continued at the street party that took place in Tilburg the same week. 


Setlist Wolfmother:

  1. Victorious
  2. New Moon Rising
  3. Woman
  4. White Unicorn
  5. Apple Tree
  6. Gypsy Caravan
  7. Vagabond
  8. The Love That You Give
  9. Colossal
  10. How Many Times
  11. White Feather
  12. Pyramid
  13. Love Train
  14. Dimension
  15. California Quuen
  16. Joker & the Thief (Reprise)


Location: 013, Tilburg, The Netherland

Date: July 25th, 2018

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