CD review STREET DOGS ‘Stand For Something or Die For Nothing’

(8/10) It was former Dropkick Murphy’s singer Mike McColgan who founded Street Dogs in 2002. After being absent from music for a few years, following the dedication for being a fire-fighter, McCoglan couldn’t stay away any longer from music. He initiated Street Dogs and found with Johnny Rioux a partner in crime rather quickly. Both are still the driving forces behind Street Dogs, a band that launched five studio albums to date. The latest one was the self-titled ‘Street Dogs’ longplayer from 2010 and it’s eight years later that ‘Stand For Something or Die For Nothing’ will find its way to the record stores.

The sixth delivery is an eleven track punk rock album with songs that are right down Broadway. This album comes without any frills and unnecessary twists. ‘Stand For Something or Die For Nothing’ is a 37 minutes punk rock treat, done by five ‘Bostonians’ that live and breathe the spirit of the East coast metropole. Songs such as the melodic ‘Angels Calling’ and ‘Working Class Heroes’ belong to the best you can expect of authentic punk rock and the same goes for the uptempo title track.

This album isn’t solely about music. The quintet also has a message to tell with these elven songs. Topics addressed are about the enlarging gap between rich and poor with the effect of fewer choices for the latter when it comes to education, opportunities and more. As the title indicates, this album isn’t sugar coating anything or paints illusionary pictures. These eleven songs are loud and confrontational because there is the chance to either ‘Stand For Something or Die For Nothing’.

Boston, Massachusetts is known for its vital punk rock scene with Street Dogs being an important player. Eight years after their latest album ‘Stand For Something or Die For Nothing’ is a fantastic return of Street Dogs, a record that makes fun from beginning to end.





  1. Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing
  2. Other Ones
  3. The Comeback Zone
  4. Angels Calling (feat. Slaine)
  5. These Ain’t the Old Days
  6. Working Class Heroes)
  7. Lest We Forget
  8. The Round Up
  9. Mary on Believer Street
  10. Never Above You, Never Below You
  11. Torn and Frayed


Label: Century Media

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: June 22nd, 2018

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