CD review MARK DEUTRON ‘Brief Sensuality & Western Violence’

(*/10) Former The Melvins bass player Mark Deutron unveils end of July his next solo album. ‘Brief Sensuality & Western Violence’ is Deutron sixth solo album and features 50 minutes of art rock that puts quite some demands on the listener. This longplayer isn’t an easy swinging album or a riff factory that acts as a soundtrack for headbanging. ‘Brief Sensuality & Western Violence’ is an experiment album that’s built on many influences and sound collages. Nothing on this album is predicable more than a certain unpredictability.

Some samples start the album, reminding me a rattlesnake. A massive organ sound changes the sonic atmosphere into a dramatic one. Soundscapes further evolve throughout, leading to an experimental 19 minutes opener with an unusual title – ‘Dick Cheney’. The entire song is more like a sound collage that slowly gains heaviness while being unpredictable from start to end. This almost twenty minutes track isn’t music that’s easy to approach. It takes time to get into the special sounds this song is built on.

Things stay complex but become more approachable with the calmer ‘Winter Haystacks at Twilight’ before ‘Sky Full of Witches’ unveils some down-tuned stoner guitar sounds. The tune reveals a hypnotic fascination with a slo-mo approach and it’s ‘Temple Smasher’ that breaks the slow pace pattern. Mark Deutron shifts gears with a level of complexity that stays on a demanding level.

‘Other Gods’ is the calmer counterpart to the faster ‘Temple Smasher’ with the mainly atmospheric ‘Venerate the Relic’ being next in line. It’s some classic rock influences that are weaved into this track, referring to bands like Black Sabbath in some guitar parts.

Mark Deutron gives us, with ‘Brief Sensuality and Western Violence’ another curveball that also includes a spot-on track called ‘Miniskirt’ and a more jazzy one entitled “A Shaky Rabbit’. As unusual the names of these nine tunes are as special is the sound that you get with them. Progressive music and sound collages are showing a high level of creativity but also demand a lot of effort and openness as a listener. Simple riff power is for sure the opposite of what this album is about. ‘Brief Sensuality & Western Violence’ is a highly experimental album that’s experimental and in this case also special.


(*/10)It’s impossible to rate this album in a serious way. You have to listen to it yourself and create your own impression.



  1. Dick Cheney
  2. Winter Haystacks at Twilight
  3. Sky Full of Witches
  4. Temple Smasher
  5. Other Gods
  6. Venerate the Relic
  7. Miniskirt
  8. A Shaky Rabbit
  9. Turn Toward the Sun


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Art Rock

Release Date EU: July 20th, 2018

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