CD review SPINE ‘Faith’

(7/10) Kansas City-based Spine has a new album in the pipeline, being released mid-June via Birdge 9. ‘Faith’ is the band’s second delivery and features nine new songs. The label info talks about a “full-length album” but I have to say that with 19 minutes running time we can more talk about an EP rather than a longplayer. It’s more a ‘shortplayer’ and even considering that the disc comprises of spot-on hardcore songs, a few more of them would have definitely increased the ‘value for money’ feeling.

Spine doesn’t sugarcoat things. The issues the guys address in their songs fueled by the current state of our common planet. These nine tracks are furious hardcore tracks that aren’t built on compromises or harmonizing influences. Rage and anger are the main ingredients for this release that showcases to energy and aggressiveness of hardcore.

‘Faith’ is a well-crafted hardcore album that will find its friends among hardcore fans.





  1. Gone
  2. Warm Now Cold
  3. Drawing Lines
  4. Crumbling Mind
  5. Activist
  6. Your Reason
  7. Time to Grow
  8. My World’s Corrupt
  9. Faith


Label: Bridge 9

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: June 15st, 2018

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