CD review TNT ‘XIII’

(7/10) When it comes to me, THE TNT album is entitled ‘Knight of the New Storm’, released in 1984. It was the time of melodic metal and rock music. TNT picked-up this vibe for their sophomore longplayer and transferred it into awesome songs like ‘Ready to Leave’.

Ronnie Le Tekro, Tony Harnell and Diesel Dahl are three band members that experienced these early days and are still (or again) part of TNT. It’s of course not really fair to compare records that have been released with 34 years in between but it’s a shift that is very recognizable. Over time TNT became more of an AOR act that puts a lot of focus on melodies.

The new album, simply entitled ‘XIII’, is a next example for this move. ‘XIII’ comprises of 12 songs, all of them anchored in the fields of melodic rock. TNT still has a sense for good melodies and songs like ‘Get Ready for Some Hard Rock’ still shows that the band can rock, but they do far too less on the album. There are some more tracks on the album that unveils some rock power. One of them is e.g.  ‘Not Feeling Anything’ with its Steppenwolf-like start.

Unfortunately there are some rather trivial melodic rockers on the album too. ‘Where You Belong’, ‘Tears in My Eyes’ and ‘Can’t Breathe Anymore’ are standard tunes that misses the thrill. This kind of music is exchangeable and doesn’t wow.

To sum up. ‘XIII’ is an OK album that benefits from a good sound and production. What’s missing are the edges, some dynamic and the fire power. ‘XIII’ became a standard rock album. Not more, but also not less. I still prefer ‘Knight of the New Storm’ and the debut.





  1. We’re Gonna Make It
  2. Not Feeling Anything
  3. Fair Warning
  4. It’s Electric
  5. Where You Belong
  6. Can’t Breathe Anymore
  7. Get Ready For Some Hard Rock
  8. People, Come Together
  9. Tears in My Eyes
  10. 17th Of May
  11. Catch a Wave
  12. Sunshine


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: June 8th, 2018

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