CD review WARRIOR SOUL ‘Rock’n’Roll Disease’

(8/10) I wasn’t really excited about Warrior Soul’s latest album, which mainly had to do with the sound of ‘Back on the Lash’. This deficit is swiped away with ‘Rock’n’Roll Disease’.

Warrior Soul’s newest addition to their discography is a pure Rock’n’Roll record that spreads the virus of Rock music. The eight songs that made it on the tracklist are all done with a right down Broadway approach. There are no frills or spins. These songs are raw fastballs that do their job, being a strike on this album.

Equipped with a solid AC/DC groove and a dirty guitar sound the starting triple sets the tone very well. ‘Up the Dose’, ‘Rock’n’Roll Disease’ and ‘Off My Face’ are mighty rockers that take a shine. Furthermore it’s ‘Going Mental’ that combines Motörhead and Punk Rock before the nasty rocker ‘After the Show’ prepares for the ending of this album.

The only song that can’t keep the level of the other tracks on ‘Rock’n’Roll Disease’ is the twisted ‘War Ride Children’. It has solid and powering rhythm but in the end it’s a scattered track that marks the weak spot – a curveball that misses the plater, if you will.

The conclude: ‘Rock’n’Roll Disease’ is a good Hard Rock album, showing a good improvement compared to ‘Back on the Lash’. Infectious.



  1. Up the Dose
  2. Rock’n’Roll Disease
  3. Off My face
  4. Melt Down
  5. Rock On
  6. War Ride Children
  7. Going Mental
  8. After the Show

Label: Livewire / Cargo Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: June 7th, 2019



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