CD review SAVAGE MESSIAH ‘Demons’

(7/10) London-based metallers Savage Messiah were busy over the last two years. Not only that the guys played a bigger number of shows, they also worked on a new delivery that’s ready to go. Two years after ‘Hands of Fate’ has been unleashed it’s ‘Demons’ being album number five of the UK powerhouse, trying to put a spell on you.

Although Savage Messiah is around since 2007 it’s a line-up change that led to some renewal recently. Carly Carretón and David Hrusla joined the band in 2019, completing the quartet that also includes David Silver and Mira Slama.

‘Demons’ is mainly built on typical Heavy Metal that come with a quite modern expression. The roots might be in the earlier days of Metal but it’s the modern sound that shifts it into the here and now. The strong starter ‘Virtue Signal’ represents this approach very well, a song where modern riffs and a merciless hammering rhythm-section built the base for a powerful metal track.

The darker ‘Under No Illusion’ takes a similar road as the opener and ‘The Bitter Truth’ is another energiser, always equipped with melodic vocals-lines too. With all the heaviness, melodies are a solid part of this album and tunes like ‘Parachute’ and ‘The Lights are Going Out’ have a lot of them.

‘Demons’ is an album that has a lot of good moments and carries good metal songs. This longplayer for sure doesn’t cause any earache, but also doesn’t lift Metal to a new dimension. Good and solid Metal that’s made for live shows, that’s ‘Demons’.



  1. Virtue Signal
  2. What Dreams May Come
  3. Heretic In The Modern World
  4. Parachute
  5. Under No Illusion
  6. Down And Out
  7. The Lights Are Going Out
  8. The Bitter Truth
  9. Until The Shadows Fall
  10. Rise Then Fall
  11. Steal The Faith in Me

Label: Century Media

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: May 17th, 2019



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