CD review LEATHÜRBITCH ‘Into the Night’

(8/10) Leathürbitch, already this moniker creates a certain level of attention, with the ‘ü’ being definitely more of an unusual letter in English language. Next is the artwork that reflects a certain ’80s vibe but besides all this it’s the music that needs to do the job.

While I was spinning this longplayer for the very first time I had to think about bands like the earlier Lizzy Borden more than once. Songs like ‘I Want What You Got’ shows some parallels but Leathürbitch has more in the offer than merely a comparison with Lizzy Borden.

Leathürbitch merges Speed Metal and Glam Metal, an endeavour that leads to some great songs. I have to admit that it took me several spins of ‘Into the Night’ to come to this conclusion. Especially the vocal-lines gave me a hard time in the beginning, but step by step the dust settled and unveiled a powerful metal album that make quite some fun.

‘Into the Night’ stretches the frames of traditional Metal and at the same time honours the glorious ’80s metal. Interesting music that finds its way from Portland right to your home.



  1. Into the Night
  2. L.U.S.T.
  3. I Want What You Got
  4. Sleaze City
  5. Killing The Silence
  6. I’m Insane
  7. The Search
  8. Killer Instinct

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 31st, 2019


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