CD review SAINT VITUS ‘Saint Vitus’

(7/10) California-based Doom Metal veterans Saint Vitus have a new album in the starting blocks. Simply entitled ‘Saint Vitus’ the longplayer ends a seven years wait.

Founding members Dave Chandler and Scott Ranger, together with their bandmates Henry Vasquez and Pat Bruders, that’s the current line-up of the Doom legends. After having suffered from many line-up changes and sailing through troubled sea, this line-up seems to be a more consistent one, leading to the first album in this constellation.

The “Godfathers of American Doom” start with ‘Remains’ into a 42 minutes Doom statement. A down-tuned guitar produces a mighty riff that rolls over the listener in snail-speed. What’s more unusual is the acoustic ‘A Prelude to’ that marks a counterpart to the heavy opener. It’s the following ‘Bloodshed’ that mirrors a next Saint Vitus expression, this time fast and speedy.

’12 Years in the Tomb’ reflects the Black Sabbath-influences before ‘Wormhole’ adds a psychedelic vibe to the mix. Saint Vitus for sure shows the variety possible within the frames of Doom Metal. ‘Hour Glass’ reduces pace, followed by ‘City Park’, which is a kind of interlude/instrumental with poetic elements that feels misplaced. It’s a filler that breaks the otherwise well-done flow of the track listing.

‘Last Breath’ picks-up the Doom vibe again with slo-mo riffing and it’s the short and raging ‘Uselss’ that surprises the listener again. The closer is fast, furious and unusual. It’s more punk than anything else and it leaves the listener with some questionmarks.

‘Saint Vitus’ is a good album, no doubt. But it also sounds scattered since there are many different influences that come back in the different songs. The greatness is, that this album challenges the frames of Doom Metal, but it’s taken a bit too far.



1. Remains
2. A Prelude to…
3. Bloodshed
4. 12 Years In The Tomb
5. Wormhole
6. Hour Glass
7. City Park
8. Last Breath
9. Useless

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: May 17th, 2019


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