CD review MARTYRDÖD ‘Hexhammaren’

(7/10) Martyrdöd’s smashing seventh album is mainly built on two pillars. One of them are the hysteric sound vocals by Mikael Kjellman and the other one are the rather melodic guitar lines. Now, using the work ‘melodic’ might lead to a wrong impression since Martyrdöd has nothing to do with melodic metal or similar.

The band, hailing from Gothenburg, has a background in Crust and Extreme Metal. Their music is melting pot, consisting of these two genres spiced-up with Death- and Black Metal references. Martyrdöd creates interesing music that scores right away with the unleashed energy each of the songs carries. There isn’t any peaceful moment on this album, a record that mainly features song with two minutes of length.

‘Hexhammaren’ isn’t built on compromises and it doesn’t intend to take prisoners either. Each of the twelve songs is musical punch in your face, starting with the nasty title track and ending with ultra-fast closer ‘Sthlm Syndrom’.

‘Hexhammaren’ is a mean and loud album. It’s a 41 minutes power-play which has great moments but also has with the more one-dimensional vocal-hysteria a factor that is as energetic as tiring after a while.



  1. Hexhammaren
  2. Rännilar
  3. Helveteslarm
  4. War on Peace
  5. Bait and Switch
  6. Nästa Syrien
  7. Cashless Society
  8. In the Dead of Night
  9. Den Sista Striden
  10. Pharmacepticon
  11. Judgement Day
  12. Sthlm Syndrom

Label: Century Media

Genre: Crust

Release Date EU: May 10th, 2019



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