CD review OUTLAW ‘Marauders’

(7/10) The fact that Finland is the home base for many interesting metal bands is well known. One of these bands is Outlaw, hailing from a city with a rather difficult name: Lappeenranta. Singer Lee Anvel and bassist John Kaiser started the band which grew to a five-piece. Guitars are handled by Jimmy Slashburner and Simon Shatter, while it is Johnny Gutter who handles the drums.

It was the ‘Speed Calls’ demo that brought High Roller Records into the game, resulting in a contract for releasing the debut. ‘Marauders’ is this first longplayer, coming off the bat of Outlaw and it’s a rather good one. The guys describe their sources of influences by mentioned bands like Saxon. It’s definitely the era of NWoBHM that impacted ‘Marauders’. Sometimes it’s Maiden-like melodies that shimmer through (‘Heroes of Telemark’), one of the more epic tracks on the album.

Next to an epic approach Outlaw can also speed up, something they prove with the spot-on ‘Tyrants of Ice’ with Anvel unveiling his full potential as a metal singer. He is gifted by a great voice that allows him also to go for higher pitches and screams.

‘Marauders’ is a travel in time, a journey back to the end of the 70’s and the early 80’s. Outlaw’s debut shows that the spirit of the NWoBHM is still alive, despite all the developments and modern metal shifts. This album is good stuff that keeps the tradition alive.





  1. Hell’s Thunder
  2. Marauders
  3. Speed Calls
  4. Reaper’s Tale
  5. Heroes if Telemark
  6. Tyrants of Ice
  7. Vice
  8. Thunderstone


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: October 26th, 2018


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