CD review BLACK LOTUS ‘Sons of Saturn’

(8/10) Black Lotus is a doom metal outfit, hailing from Spain. That this kind of music comes from a rather sunny and mainly summerly area is a bit unusual, but knowing that the band member’s roots are partly in stoner rock adds more light.

Black Lotus takes the slo-mo approach from stoner rock but shifts it now more towards traditional heavy metal. Being inspired by genre veterans such as Candlemass the start of ‘Sons of Saturn’ is a relatively fast one. We don’t talk about speed metal, no doubt, but the first riffs aren’t in snail pace either. ‘Kings’ is a good start into the album and is followed by the 10 minutes epos ‘Sandstorm’. The track is certainly a kind of centerpiece even though it comes quite early on the track listing. The track is a well-crafted doom metal that acts like sonic quicksand. Once you started to listen to the song you can’t find a way out again. After ten minutes you’re released of this grinding epos and it’s the following interlude ‘The Pyre’ that gives you a moment to breathe.

Another song of extreme length is ‘The Swamp’, which even crosses the 11 minutes finishing line. It’s on the same level as ‘Sandstorm’, just a bit faster (or better said, less slow). Still, it comes with appreciated variations, also between loud and gently rocking, and it’s the dark vibe that keeps things together.

‘Sons of Saturn’ is a doom metal album that might not enter new territory but it’s also more than a standard release. Black Lotus offers a well-done album and it looks like once in a while dark clouds cover the sunny Catalan sky.





  1. Kings
  2. Sandstorm
  3. The Pyre
  4. Protective Fire
  5. Taurobolium 
  6. Sons of Saturn
  7. The Swamp
  8. Return to Erebus


Label: Inverse Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: October 19th, 2018

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