CD review ATREYU ‘In Our Wake’

(8/10) Atreyu is a real 21st-century band. Although the quintet started in 1999 it’s the years between 2002 and 2007 that marked a first successful era of this quintet from Southern California.

After a hiatus, the band returned in 2014 and released with ‘Long Live’ an album that included the metalcore roots as well as it showcased a band that wasn’t afraid of development. This tendency continues with Atreyu’s next studio album ‘In Our Wake’, which will be released mid-October.

The album covers a wider range of styles and I would call the band’s sound alternative metal more than metalcore. What shows the evolvement perfectly is the middle part of the new album. A triple of songs describes the current Atreyu sound best. 

With ‘Nothing Will Ever Change’ the band unveils the sledgehammer-approach from the early days. Nomen et omen, if you will. ‘Nothing Will Ever Change’  is a statement that works well for this song, but not for the entire album. As a contrast, the band placed the following ‘Blind Deaf & Dumb’ on the tracklist. Metalcore steps back and modern metal takes over. The melodic chorus speaks for itself while the verse even has some nu-metal references embedded. Number three of this triple is ‘Terrified’, a song that can be described as the ballad of the album. It’s for sure the most commercial song on the album and could work well as a successful single release. 

The rest of the album is built around these three styles interpretations, which makes ‘In Our Wake’ to a good and entertaining album. It is a logical continuation of what ‘Long Live’ started. Fans of the early metalcore days might want to listen to the album first, possibly not being happy with the shift. Besides that, ‘In Our Wake’ became a powerful and entertaining album that helps the band to widen their fanbase – for the good and the bad.





  1. In Our Wake
  2. House of Gold
  3. The Time is Now
  4. Nothing Will Ever Change
  5. Blind Deaf & Dumb
  6. Terrified
  7. Safety Pin
  8. Into the Open
  9. Paper Castle
  10. No Control
  11. Anger Left Behind
  12. Super Hero


Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: October 12th, 2018

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