CD review BOB DAISLEY & FRIENDS ‘Moore Blues for Gary – a Tribute to Gary Moore’

(*/10) It was a bit more than seven years ago when the sad news was spread that guitar icon Gary Moore is no longer among us anymore. Gary Moore died of a heart attack in February 2011, but it’s his music that remains and reminds.

‘Moore Blues for Gary’ pays homage to Gary Moore and the excellent songs he wrote. A glimpse on the title of the album unveils a focus on the blues era of the unique guitarist. It was Moore’s longtime companion Bob Daisley, who initiated this project, called Bob Dailsey & Friends. The bassist gathered a lot of colleagues for this album and it’s guys like Joe Lynn Turner, Steve Morse, Glenn Hughes, Neil Carter and John Sykes, to mention just some, who immediately responded with a ‘Yes’.

With the contribution of so many legendary musicians, Bob Daisley recorded 13 songs that laser in on the bluesy songs of Gary Moore. Legendary tunes like ‘Still Got the Blues (For You) and the uptempo ‘Texas Strut’ are present on this album next to the smash hit ballad ‘Empty Rooms’. What is a ‘must’ for a Gary Moore tribute is without any doubt another great hit the guitarist from Northern Island wrote. ‘Parisienne Walkways’ is a classic in Gary Moore’s musical repertoire and it’s no less than Steve Morse who took over guitar duties for this song, together with Ricky Warwick doing the vocals. This version is an impressive remake of a highlight in rock, a four and a half minutes moment of a constant ‘wow’.

Bob Daisley, with the support of everybody who contributed, achieved an excellent tribute album, honoring one of the best guitarists in blues and rock. It’s an emotional and soulful way of giving Gary Moore and some of his brilliant songs the respect deserved. ‘Moore Blues for Gary’ is an album that gives you the shivers, from start to end.


(*/10) This album is beyond any scoring range



01. ‘That’s Why I Play The Blues’ Vocals – Jon C. Butler; Guitars – Tim Gaze; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Rob Grosser; Keyboards – Clayton Doley

02. ‘The Blues Just Got Sadder’ Vocals – Joe Lynn Turner; Lead Guitar – Steve Lukather; Rhythm Guitar And Slide Guitar – Tim Gaze; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Rob Grosser; Keyboards – Clayton Doley

03. ‘Empty Rooms’ Lead Vocal, Keyboards – Neil Carter; Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals – Bob Daisley;    Drums – Rob Grosser;  Guitars – Illya Szwec; Backing Vocals – Rosanna Daisley

04. ‘Still Got The Blues (For You)’ Vocals – Danny Bowes; Guitars – John Sykes; Keyboards – Don Airey; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Rob Grosser

05. ‘Texas Strut’ Vocals – Brush Shiels; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Guitars – Tim Gaze; Drums – Rob Grosser

06. ‘Nothing’s The Same’ Vocals – Glenn Hughes; Fretless Acoustic Bass – Bob Daisley; Cello – Ana Lenchantin; Guitars – Luis Maldonado

07. ‘The Loner’ Guitars – Doug Aldrich; Drums – Eric Singer; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Keyboards – Don Airey

08. ‘Torn Inside’ Vocals, Lead Guitar – Stan Webb; Bass Guitar, Riff Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Darrin Mooney; Keyboards – Lachlan Doley

09. ‘Don’t Believe A Word’ Vocals, Lead Guitar – Damon Johnson; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Rob Grosser; Rhythm Guitar – Illya Szwec

10. ‘Story Of The Blues’ Lead Vocal – Jon C. Butler; Bass Guitar, Riff Guitar, Backing Vocals – Bob Daisley; Lead And Rhythm Guitar – Tim Gaze; Drums – Rob Grosser; Keyboards – Lachlan Doley; Backing Vocals – Rosanna Daisley

11. ‘This One’s For You’ Vocals – Gus Moore; Lead Guitar – Jack Moore; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Rob Grosser; Rhythm Guitar – Illya Szwec

12. ‘Power Of The Blues’ Vocals – Joe Lynn Turner; Lead Guitar – Jeff Watson; Bass Guitar, Riff Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Darrin Mooney; Rhythm Guitar – Illya Szwec

13. ‘Parisienne Walkways’ Guitars – Steve Morse; Vocals – Ricky Warwick; Bass Guitar – Bob Daisley; Drums – Rob Grosser; Keyboards – Clayton Doley


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 26th, 2018

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