CD review ACE FREHLEY ‘Spaceman’

(8/10) What makes more sense than the real ‘Spaceman’ recording an album entitled ‘Spaceman’? Exactly, nothing makes more sense. Kiss founding member Ace Frehley is the first ‘Spaceman’ of Kiss and will ever be. Although Frehley isn’t part of the multi-selling hardrock outfit since 2002 he is still active as Ace Frehley with really good albums to his credit.

‘Space Invaders’ was the latest album Ace Frehley unveiled and four years later it’s ‘Spaceman’ that brings Space Ace back to the table. The new album features nine new songs with references to the 1978 solo album. A fact that helped Frehley to return to this special vibe was the contribution of drummer Anton Fig on ‘Off My Back’ and ‘Pursuit of Rock’n’Roll’, and the friendship between the both that began in 1978.

The first song, taken from the new album, is ‘Bronx Boy’, which was launched a few weeks ago. It’s a great tune, referring to Frehley’s musical life prior to Kiss. In case you were afraid of ‘Bronx Boys’ being the only highlight I can assure that there are more on the album.

Of course, it’s the axeman himself that played all the guitars parts on ‘Spaceman’, but also played the bass all songs, except two. The opener ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ feature no less than Gene Simmons on bass and also ‘Your Wish is My Command’ was done by the two iconic Kiss member in collaboration. With ‘I Wanna Go Back’ the album includes an Eddie Money cover, which is shining bright and it is ‘Rockin’ with the Boys’ that takes the listener back to the 70’s. The tune has its roots back then and belongs to the great moments on this longplayer.

 ‘Spaceman’ transfers a late 70’s hardrock vibe into the here and now in an excellent fashion. The longplayer still sounds fresh and vital and is the best Ace Frehley album since ‘Frehley’s Comet’. Ace Frehley’s winning streak continues with ‘Spaceman’.





  1. Without You I’m Nothing
  2. Rockin’ With the Boys
  3. Your Wish is My Command
  4. Bronx Boy
  5. Pursuit of Rock’n’roll
  6. I Wanna Go Back
  7. Mission to Mars
  8. Off My Back
  9. Quatum Flux


Label: Entertainment One

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 19th, 2018

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