CD review THE WIZARDS ‘Rise of the Serpent’

(8/10) Sometimes you never know what you have to expect when you receive an album of a band that isn’t familiar to you. Sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers. Now, this time it’s for sure chicken.

The Wizards are a band I wasn’t really very familiar with. So let’s start from the beginning. It was in 2013 when the band was founded in the Northern parts of Spain, in Bilbao, to be precise. This was the beginning of a period in which The Wizards have been quite busy with putting a spell on people through their music. Two albums have been released so far and it’s ‘Rise of the Serpent’ that is number three on the band’s track record.

‘Rise of the Serpent’ contains eight songs and a running time of 50 minutes. The joy of this release is the vintage metal the guys are into, combined with an old-school, but still dynamic sound. The Wizards changed studio for recording this album. It has been a big old room in which drums have been recorded and also microphones and gear has a history in the 60’s and 70’s. All this adds to the sound of the band’s third album, giving it a warm and organic acoustic expression that doesn’t come across as being outdated.

Like mentioned already, The Wizards musical imprint is rock and metal from the 70’s. This sound is the base for each of the eight songs. However, there is more embedded in songs like the anthemic ‘Circles of Time’. Fragments of the NWoBHM sound are part of each of the tracks and sometimes you recognize Maiden-references on this album when it comes to guitars. Last but not least it’s a psychedelic sound component that adds another layer to the mix and fits The Wizards sound very well.

Another song I can recommend for listening is ‘Distorted Mirrors’ with its classic rock swing and it’s the uptempo ‘Aftermath’ that stands for another highlight on a really good release.

To sum up: Bilbao’s musical powerhouse The Wizards created an excellent album that will be loved by fans of epic metal as well as by metalheads that breathe the spirit of the NWoBHM.





  1. Apocalyptic Weapons
  2. Destiny
  3. Circle of Time
  4. Distorted Mirrors
  5. Age of Man
  6. Strings Synchronise
  7. Aftermath
  8. VOID (Vision of Inner Death)



Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: October 26th, 2018


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